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Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of the home improvement conglomerate, Home Depot, openly scrutinized the media for doing a “wonderful job in frightening America,” according to Fox News.

“My age bracket is really the problem. If we take care of my age bracket, that is 70 or above, I think that we can end a lot of the problems that are out there,” Marcus told the “Ingraham Angle” on Monday.

“People that are 70 or above have to be so careful because you are compromised in many different ways. But we’re only a small portion of the population and we’re closing down everybody, in addition to the schools.”

Marcus used Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as good examples of leaders who have reopened their state’s economies.

“What they did is a perfect example of thinking and understanding that people needed to get out the house, needed to start their businesses again, needed to go to work again,” he said. “But there are bureaucrats all over the country in the blue states that are still closed and god knows when they’ll open. Those people up there, they are still struggling and it is desperation time for many of them.”

According to Fox News, 48 states have now begun a partial reopening process.

The states reportedly have data that shows they successfully ‘flattened the curve’ of infections enough to phase in some normalcy into the economies.

Of course, some health guidelines and restrictions are still in place.

The U.S. has recorded at least 1,491,547 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 89,666 deaths, according to statistics gathered by Johns Hopkins University.

Marcus said that closing down the economy and schools does not make any sense and that the decision-makers are “plutocrats” who will get paid regardless of the circumstances.

“It’s pretty sad,” Marcus said.

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Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell warned Sunday that unemployment in the U.S. could peak between 25 and 30 percent before the end of the June as the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

In April, the unemployment rate stood at 14.7 percent. In an interview with CBS’ “60 minutes” Sunday, Powell said he does not predict a “second Great Depression” because the American economy has been impacted by an external factor – the coronavirus – instead of failure within its own financial system.

Starting Monday, Arkansas casinos can resume limited operations.