Tom Hanks Teams Up with Michelle Obama To Push Vote-By-Mail

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According to a report from Breitbart News, Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks have joined forces to host a voter registration event on Monday called Couch Party 2.0.

“We can still make a difference even as we #StayHome. Excited to join @whenweallvote’s #CouchParty tonight with my friends Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson!” Obama tweeted. “And of course @djdnice will be playing a live set while we spread the word! Join us at 7:15pm ET

“Join our #CouchParty 2.0 to come together with the When We All Vote community and our Co-Chair Michelle Obama to talk about how we can continue to make a difference to help safely register and turn out our communities to vote.”

The event is being sponsored by When We All Vote, a group founded in 2018 that includes a slew of far-left singers, actors, and sports stars.

The group is chaired by the former first lady, Michelle Obama herself.

The group claims to be “non-partisan,” but counts partisan sponsors such as Vote Latino, the NAACP, the NBA, the NEA, the National Urban League, the XQ Institute, and many others.

“Groovy #CouchParty today for, like, oh what’s the word? DEMOCRACY, that’s it. @WhenWeAllVote. I’ll be there,” Tom Hanks said in a tweet promoting the event.

“TODAY! I’ll be joining @WhenWeAllVote‘s #CouchParty 2.0 with fellow co-chair @MichelleObama to help register voters during this unprecedented time. Join me and @TomHanks on the action call at 7:15 PM ET before we get the party started!” Rita Wilson said.

More from Breitbart:

Founding members of the group along with Obama includes Lin-Maneul Miranda, Soccer star and gay activist Megan Rapinoe, Actresses Shonda Rhimes, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington, and NBA player Chris Paul.

The group utilizes community organizing to sign up as may voters as possible and claims to have organized 2,500 events engaging with 200 million voters in the last national election cycle. And last year, the group also began operating inside American high schools.

Most recently the group has backed the highly controversial and partisan effort to radically change our elections by instituting national mail-in ballots.